The New Do the Woo

Do the Woo Podcast Episode 163

Do the Woo - A WooCommerce Podcast
Do the Woo - A WooCommerce Podcast
The New Do the Woo

Well, the rebrand and redesign of Do the Woo is major enough for a show of its own. BobWP gives a quick overview of what new features came with this iteration of Do the Woo and how it is bringing even more of the WooCommerce builder community up front and forward.

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The Highlights of the New Do the Woo

  • Do the Woo needed it’s own brand [00:40]
  • Coming on the next show, a talk about the rebrand and design [01:15]
  • Shows every Tuesday and Wednesday [02:50]
  • Woo Dev Chat [02:55]
  • A split topic episode [04:15]
  • New podcast: Woo BizBytes [07:30]
  • Be a friend of Do the Woo [08:50]
  • Get a deal as a Woo Builder Friend [09:54]
  • Teaser on new partnership [11:00]

Thanks to Our Pod Friends

Hey everyone, BobWP here. Welcome to Do the Woo episode 163. I'm shooting off the hip this time, just myself here, all alone. I'm actually getting ready to launch the new site. As you can guess this is being released the day after. So I'm hoping everything went well today, as I'm doing this pre-launch but I just wanted to bring to you the new Do the Woo.

Do the Woo needed it’s own brand [00:40]

Pretty excited about this new redesign, the rebrand. This has been a project in the works for over three months with the agency that I hired to do this. Prior to that, of course, I've been thinking about this for a while and it was time to make this move. I needed somebody to come in; fresh ideas, a perspective from the developer side of things and build some than for this community. It was time to move back the BobWP brand, it's been around a long time and I needed something new and fresh.

Coming on the next show, a talk about the rebrand and design [01:15]

Now the whole story behind the design... You'll get to hear that on Thursday, because we'll be bringing in the developer I worked with. The agency, I did retain for both the branding and the redesign was Maintainn. They are the small business division, a WebDevStudios. One of the founders, Brad Williams, has been a co-host on the podcast since episode five and of course they do amazing work. So real excited to talk to them. We'll be getting into the backstory a bit more on that episode and the entire process and learn about what's it like working with BobWP on a site. Hopefully it wasn't too painful.

Going back to the new site design. I assume a lot of you listen to the podcast via an app. Hey, most of us do. And occasionally you may make it to the site, but I do hope you take a chance to go over there and check it out because it looks quite a bit different. Trust me on that. I thought maybe I would just spend a few minutes telling you what is new with Do the Woo. Not going to make this a long episode, it's going to be short and sweet. Lots on board, got to get ready for that next podcast episode and all the ones after that.

Shows every Tuesday and Wednesday [02:50]

So let me start with the fact that we'll be having more content starting with the podcast on January 1st or actually it's starting right now, but we will be taking a break during the holidays. The end of December, we'll be doing a new show every Tuesday and Thursday.

Woo Dev Chat [02:55]

Without going through all the shows, if you check the about page on, it'll show what we have planned and for lineups. There are actually two new shows that are going to be coming on January. One of them is called Woo DevChat. This is an interesting one because we're bringing in some developers and in a nutshell, they're just geeking out over WooCommerce.

If you want to get a feel of what that particular episode will be like, do check out episode 161. It was called drilling in on WooCommerce performance. Two co-hosts Jonathan Wold and Zach Stepek brought in Carl Alexander and Till Kruss... Amazingly geeky episode. So if you're a developer and you want to really dive in, this is going to be one for you. And like I said, this will give you a taste of what you can expect in January.

A split topic episode [04:15]

The second one, I like to call a split topic episode.Co-host Ronald Gijsel and our new co-host Kathy Zant will be covering, one, some of the marketing aspects for Woo builders. So we're going to be bringing in people to help you market your product, your agency, your freelancing business. Then on the other hand, we're going to bring in the visionary people. These are the ones that really see beyond today. I think we get talking a lot about what's happening right now. We get so buried in what's happening now, even sometimes what has happened, that we want to get people in that really have this visionary aspect of themselves. That see and predict and predict what we might be seeing in the space come the next few months, come the next few years.

So those two episodes will be coming in January and I'm pretty excited about them because I think they bring a nice rounded off piece through the episodes we currently have.

Hey BobWP here and I’d like to take a moment to thank to of our Pod Friends for their support of Do the Woo.

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And now let's head back to the show.

New podcast: Woo BizBytes [07:30]

Now just when you think it couldn't happen, yes, there will be a new podcast coming. It's going to be called Woo BizBytes. I'll be writing more about this soon and this will be launching sometime this month. It's a different approach because it's really a community driven podcast. Essentially a podcast about Woo builders by Woo builders. The one thing this will bring to the table is a shorter podcast. It's going to be focused totally on biz tips for your WooCommerce business and figure the length will be five to 10 minutes, maybe sometimes even shorter. So really quick tips that you can listen to. I'm not sure on the schedule of these, as far as if they will be more than one week, but it's an experiment that I'm going to be taking under my wings to see how it plays out and a way to also bring out some of the content in past podcasts that you may have lost or forgotten. This is something that I will be talking about more in details as it comes out, so keep an eye out for that.

Be a friend of Do the Woo [08:50]

As we continue putting more and more content on there, the last thing I'd like to touch on is the support of our friends of Do the Woo. We have three support levels and if you go to become a friend on, you'll see that these are options to help us continue building this community. Of course, this isn't going to be taken away... Any content that exists already. We're not putting a bunch of content behind the pay wall. This is merely a support mechanism for me to keep going. I've been very fortunate to have several step up to be pod friends, which is our top tier sponsors. We have 16 of those now, and I truly appreciate their support. As a small business or even as an individual, you can continue to also support and I'll give you some cool stuff in return.

Get a deal as a Woo Builder Friend [09:54]

The big news here is that before, become a builder friend, it was $49 a year, a recurring fee. Now you can pay just 99 bucks for a lifetime. Of course, that's a lifetime of Do the Woo but I want to throw something in here, hopefully you've listened this long. If you would like to get the deal I've been having on pre-launch, getting that for $49 for the lifetime. I'm not going to be putting this out anywhere else, but only for the listeners of this particular episode... Just go into it and put in the coupon code, dothewoobf and that will give you it for $49. That will be valid through the 13th of this month. So again, if you want to get that deal, go take advantage of it. Check out the benefits you get. There's even a little private podcast coming your way.

Teaser on new partnership [11:00]

Lastly, I'd like to just put one more teaser in. This coming Friday, keep an eye out on or via Twitter or wherever you keep track of me because we're going to be announcing a huge partnership that we're really excited about. This is going to be good for everyone. No, I'm not being acquired. This is simply a partnership, but a very solid partnership, that we've been working on a while. I think for a lot of you, you're going to be pretty excited about it too.

I'm going to go ahead and wrap this up. Thanks for joining me as I shoot off the hip here, nothing really formatted. Just wanted to get this out, get it in the airwaves.

Speaking of friends, I'd like to give a shout out to our two pod friends for this particular episode. Do stay on top of both team and client changes on any Woo shop with If you're looking at a streamline way to manage multiple Woo shops, do check out the hub at

Of course, please check out the site,, if you haven't, see our brightened shiny new design. If you pick this up somewhere and you want to subscribe, we're always available on Apple podcast, Spotify, Google podcast, or any other favorite podcast app you may have. So onto the next journey of Do the Woo.

Thanks to our Pod Friends for their support