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The Do the Woo Blog – Build and Grow Your Woo Biz

In light of my love for content and all media, I thought it was appropriate that I add a blog onto the site here.

Since the launch, I have written some content under the guise of opinion and editorial posts that would fit better inside a blog of its own. Also, it gives me a chance to share news specific to this site vs mixing it into the Woo news.

Our Blog’s Focus: Helping You as a Woo Builder

Although my WordPress and WooCommerce life has been heavier on tutorials, I want to fit the content here to our listeners and friends. So don’t expect tips on speeding up your clients’ sites. Or code snippet to add functionality to your clients’ shops. There is more than enough of that out there already.

Helping You with Your Woo Business in Other Ways

Sure, there will be an occasional post to help guide your clients on specifics with your projects, but most of the content will be about you and your business. And how it can mix into the Woo community.

First off, I will be pulling out some golden nuggets from the podcast transcripts. These will be rewritten and will focus on a specific topic. This is a great way to get my readers even more insights into building with WooCommerce by focusing on an experience or expertise that may have otherwise been buried in a podcast episode.

I will be writing some of the posts, but will also approach other people who are way smarter than me in the world of Woo products and services. They won’t be writing to sell what they do, but rather bring in their own experiences and stories to help guide others.

Because we all know that there is nothing better to learn from than a good story.

So expect some great content coming your way via the blog to inspire you in your own business.

PS – You will also be hearing more of this kind of content coming your way with our Do the Woo podcast, Woo Perspectives.

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