The Challenge of Finding Qualified Developers

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As WooCommerce takes a big piece of the pie, year by year, and become an even more viable choice with its competitors, in a recent podcast, I asked Brad Morrison with GoWP with growth of developers wanting to get into the WooCommerce space, just how hard is it to find qualified developers.

It’s Hard to Find Staff

Yeah. It is harder. It is harder to find qualified. I mean, I think we see that even just globally in across many different industries right now. It’s hard to find staff. It, just. Is WooCommerce specifically, the skill set when we’re doing staff augmentation and we’re placing a developer on someone’s team, it depends on what they’re doing. So let’s say they’re not working with WooCommerce. Maybe they’re not even doing a whole lot of custom development there. They’re doing a lot of build outs with Divi, Elementor, beaver builder, a page builder, increasingly Gutenberg. And Oxygen, there’s more. And so finding qualified folks that can jump into an agency and follow their processes and do things the way they do, it’s not easy, but we’ve done a good job of finding, recruiting and vetting and testing and onboarding and training and doing all of that. It’s worked out well.

Advanced Skillsets Such as a Pure Backend Developer

When you move to a little bit more advanced skillset, right? So let’s just say it was a pure backend developer that needs to do plugin work. That’s been very difficult. It’s been very difficult to find that. WooCommerce is a little bit of a hybrid, right? You’re looking for someone who has good front end skills. You’re looking for someone that also is competent on the backend as well. You may be building a well commerce site, but you’re integrating it with other vendors or you’re doing things that are more PHP, My SQL, it’s not just front end development. And so it’s somewhere in between.

A Challenge That Will Be Around for Awhile

We are having success in finding those candidates and bringing them on and placing them but it is a more advanced skill set and it is more difficult. It’s very different than when we posted jobs in the past, you could have 200 applicants out of the gate very quickly. We’re having to recruit. We’re having to do a little bit more of building a network, building in-roads, hiring recruiters in specific areas with specific qualifications and background to be able to find the right developers that our digital agencies need. So yes, it is definitely more difficult and I don’t see that letting up anytime soon. I think that will continue to be. Which if you have training along with this, then you’re able to bring someone in that might have that core page builder experience and then train over time.

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