The Age of One-Click Checkout

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At a time when so much of the Internet seems unrecognizable compared to how it looked at the turn of the century, one area remains relatively unchanged: online checkout.

That WooCommerce Online Checkout

Why exactly do we settle for this? The WooCommerce community has long prided itself on believing that the sky’s the limit. Anything is possible on WooCommerce, we are told. That is why we don’t settle for out-of-the-box alternatives and put up with the information asymmetries arising from a complex interplay of agency designers, web developers, plugin developers, hosting providers, and business owners.

But at least one such CMS is delivering convenience in a way that few WooCommerce stores are matching.

As a result, WooCommerce stores are vulnerable to changes in consumer behavior that are propelling the cart abandonment rate to all-time highs. Online shoppers want more convenience than ever before — and with good reason.

One-Click is Picking Up

The 150-person WooCommerce team is determined to give WooCommerce Payments the treatment it deserves in collaboration with Stripe, which has an entire team devoted to checkout as of now.

A new breed of company has been born out of the payments wreckage: the checkout experience platform. There are a variety of of one-checkout options entering the market, each seeking their own niche.

What is PeachPay?

For first-time users, PeachPay generates a streamlined form that is more elegant and convenient than most of the checkout flows we come across. And instead of stopping there, PeachPay remembers users’ information so that the next time they come across the button they can simply check out with one click. In keeping with Amazon’s one-click checkout flow, PeachPay gives users one last opportunity to review their preferences before placing an order.

PeachPay’s supplementary mobile app also offers post-checkout features, such as order history aggregation, item tracking, and more. As of yet, there are no companies referring to themselves as “post-checkout experience platforms”, but the term could fittingly be extended to PeachPay.

You can learn more about PeachPay here.

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