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Do the Woo Podcast Guest Paul Maiorana Episode 168

On Being the CEO of WooCommerce, Past, Present and Future

We chat about 2021, what is around the corner for 2022, and a peek inside of Paul's life at WooCommerce.
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Building Stories, Community and WooCommerce Sites

As a builder, journalist and media pro, Abha brings a ton of insights and perspectives on community, storytelling and WooCommerce.
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Do the Woo Podcast Guests Carl Alexander and Till Kruss Episode 161

Developers Drilling in On WooCommerce Performance

If you want to get a good grip on the nuances of Woo and mastering the performance while going deep into the developer brain, this show is for you.
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Do the Woo Podcast Guest Gary Murray Episode 160

Behind the Scenes with a WooCommerce Product Lead

Hear how the process works and get a behind-the-scenes look at what Gary's role entails and how things move through the WooCommerce organization.
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Blocks and Beyond, the Integral Parts of the WooCommerce Roadmap

It started with Gutenberg that led to priorities of making sure extensions work, solid testing and smoother updates.
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Do the Woo Podcast Guest

Being a Developer Advocate for WooCommerce.com

Listen in as we chat with Allen about his work at WooCommerce as well as getting a glimpse of what makes Allen tick.
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How Are Feature Priorities Set Internally at WooCommerce

Learn about the process of what features get prioritized with WooCommerce releases.
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Do the Woo Podcast Woo Roundtable Episode 149

Insights from the WooCommerce Roundtable

Ronald, Tonya, Robert and Robbie share some insights on building community, hybrid events, onboarding, marketplace, support and WooCommerce payments.
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Culture, Conflict and Diversity in Open Source

There was a lot of train of thoughts riding their rails in this show. The title says it all and lends to some very insightful conversation.
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How to Define Headless with WooCommerce and WordPress

If you are struggling to understand what headless means when it comes to WordPress, this explanation will help you.
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Universal Themes, Hybrid Themes and WooCommerce

With hybrid themes on the rise with WordPress, there will be advantages that WooCommerce builders can take.
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What is the Future of WooCommerce Blocks?

There is so much potential for WooCommerce Blocks. Here are some of the things you can expect in the future.
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