Product Growth

Do the Woo Podcast Guests Victor Dover and Steve Burge Episode 167

Moving Between Open Source Platforms, the Communities and the Ecosystems

Moving from Joomla to WordPress is more than just the technical aspects. It reaches into the business of the entire ecosystems.
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Do the Woo Podcast Guest Diego Zanella Episode 162

Scaling Your Biz from One to Fifteen WooCommerce Plugins

Diego Zanella has been a software engineer for 25 years. His culmination of experiences easily sums up his growth with his WooCommerce business.
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Do the Woo Podcast Guests Carl Alexander and Till Kruss Episode 161

Developers Drilling in On WooCommerce Performance

If you want to get a good grip on the nuances of Woo and mastering the performance while going deep into the developer brain, this show is for you.
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Do the Woo Podcast Guest Gary Murray Episode 160

Behind the Scenes with a WooCommerce Product Lead

Hear how the process works and get a behind-the-scenes look at what Gary's role entails and how things move through the WooCommerce organization.
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Do the Woo Podcast Guest John Doherty Episode 158

Web Development, SEO and Agency Insights

Starting as a developer, moving into SEO and then having built, his wealth of knowledge around agencies and service companies is something you will not want to miss.
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Do the Woo Podcast Woo Roundtable Episode 157

Do the Woo Roundtable: WooCommerce Checkout Ecosystem

The Roundtable discusses what led up the surge in checkout extensions and SaaS products and insights of marketplace.
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Do the Woo Podcast Guest Matt Medeiros Castos Episode 156

Starting a Podcast, Being on a Podcast, Tips for WooCommerce Builders and Agencies

The value of starting a podcast for your WooCommerce business or, even being a guest on a podcast, is something to be considered. Hear these tips from veteran podcaster Matt Medeiros.
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Do the Woo Podcast Guest Lacey Ellis Episode 155

From Closed Source to Open Source and WooCommerce

Lacey Ellis started with an app for the iPhone and Android. Next came a plugin for WooCommerce. Hear her journey as a product builder.
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Do the Woo Podcast Episode 153

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Tips for WooCommerce Builders

Listen in as 13 pros talk about timing, pricing, bundles and other tips to help WooCommerce product builders have a successful holiday sales.
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Do the Woo Podcast Guest Maziar Firoozmand Artbees Episode 152

From Websites to Themes to SaaS: Challenges, Insights and Wins

Maziar Firoozmand from Artbees has built sites, themes and marketing automation via a SaaS in his entrepreneurial journey.
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Profiles in Woo: Katie Keith

Katie is the Operations Director at Barn2 plugins that specializes in WooCommerce plugins.
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Do the Woo Podcast BobWP Episode 151

How to Ease Into the WooCommerce Product Builder Ecosystem

I share what I have told dozens of builders in conversations about how enter the WooCommerce community and space.
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