Agency Growth

Do the Woo Podcast Guest Paul Maiorana Episode 168

On Being the CEO of WooCommerce, Past, Present and Future

We chat about 2021, what is around the corner for 2022, and a peek inside of Paul's life at WooCommerce.
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Do the Woo Podcast Guest John Doherty Episode 158

Web Development, SEO and Agency Insights

Starting as a developer, moving into SEO and then having built, his wealth of knowledge around agencies and service companies is something you will not want to miss.
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Do the Woo Podcast Guest Matt Medeiros Castos Episode 156

Starting a Podcast, Being on a Podcast, Tips for WooCommerce Builders and Agencies

The value of starting a podcast for your WooCommerce business or, even being a guest on a podcast, is something to be considered. Hear these tips from veteran podcaster Matt Medeiros.
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project client

What Clients Overlook When It Comes to Having Their WooCommerce Site Built

There are three important factors: going beyond the cost build, thinking of the it as a project and avoiding the word "expensive".
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content creation

How WooCommerce Builders Should Think About Their Own Content

Some great tips to help WooCommerce product builders with their own content creation.
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Do the Woo Podcast Guest Joseph McClellan Episode 142

From Developer to WooCommerce Project Manager

We talk about his transition from developer to project manager, the acquisition of Amplify Plugins and where eCommerce is headed.
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An Ideal WooCommerce Client is Different for Every Agency, Sometimes

When it comes to the ideal client, there are likely some characteristics that are, across the board, Ideal and at the same time each agency, or even each individual, has their own perception.
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small question mark

Don’t Take That Client WooCommerce Question Lightly

When building WooCommerce sites for clients, no question is too small or should be taken for granted.
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two men on road

The Challenge of Finding Qualified Developers

In this post we get a perspective from Brad Morrison around the challenges to find qualified developers in the WordPress and WooCommerce space.
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Do the Woo Podcast Woo BizChat Guests Lisa Sabin Wilson and David Lockie Episode 139

Innovative eCommerce with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Listen in as Lisa and David give insights and perspectives when it comes to running an agency that builder Woo shops.
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pug with glasses

When You Are in a Company That is Acquired It’s Normal to be Terrified

Don't be concerned that you are terrified. Because it's a huge change and of course it's normal to worry and have a lot of questions.
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Do the Woo Podcast Guest Brad Morrison Episode 134

Outsourcing, Training and Community for the WooCommerce Developer

As the founder of GoWP, one of the leading outsourcing businesses in the WordPress space, Brad Morrison has his finger on the pulse of what is transpiring with both WordPress and WooCommerce.
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