Suggest a Profile in Woo

If you have not been on our podcast and would like to share your experiences with WooCommerce as a builder, this might just be the perfect opportunity for you.

Would you like to be featured or suggest someone for the Profiles in Woo?

I am looking for people who are actively building with WooCommerce, whether you are a developer, designer or agency owners or someone who creates WooCommerce specific products or services. I want the hands-on builder, not the marketer. Note, this doesn’t include other WordPress products or services that just happen to work with WooCommerce.

In addition, this is also open to those who build community through WooCommerce meetups.

Also, this interview gives you a chance to share the cool stuff you are building, but more importantly, some insights on what you feel is good about Woo. The challenges and also what you see in the future.

The point of these profiles is to help others learn more about being a WooCommerce builder.

Please be aware of:

  • Not all submissions are accepted.
  • Although I let you tell us what you build, these interviews are more about the person and their experiences with WooCommerce.
  • I do not take suggestions for those who only work in the low-end marketplaces such as Fiverr. (Sorry)

As much as I would like to publish every single one, I cannot guarantee it.