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Subscriptions and Recurring Income with Brent Shepherd

Subscriptions and Recurring Income with Brent Shepherd

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In this podcast, I’ll be talking to Brent about WooCommerce, subscriptions and recurring income. He is the developer behind the subscriptions extension for WooCommerce and I wanted to pick his brain on the industry of eCommerce subscription sites, which have really grown over the years.

I first had Brent on the BobWP eCommerce Show when it was the Do the Woo podcast, way back in  April of 2016. I started our chat today by asking Brent if much has changed in the subscription space since then.

Then we touched on recurring income, something a lot of people dream about. I wanted to see if he had insights into anything that that doesn’t work with recurring income or subscriptions. Also, I wanted his thoughts on how to choose between going the monthly or yearly route.

That led us into community and his thoughts on if you should build your community first or not (and if that depends on your product or service).

Brent shared some of the use cases he has seen where people used subscriptions uniquely and what he has seen as some very different and, possibly, even odd, ways to use subscriptions.

Lastly, I gave him the opportunity to share his most recent service called Robot Ninja. If you want peace of mind with your WooCommerce site, so you don’t have to stress about whether the cart or checkout is working, you will need to listen to this and check out his new service.

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Subscriptions Extension on WooCommerce

Twitter @thenbrent

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