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Subscriptions Now Available with WooCommerce Payments

Subscriptions Now Available with WooCommerce Payments
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WooCommerce has announced that subscriptions are available when using WooCommerce Payments.

Subscriptions Supported

Back in May WooCommerce first released their own payment processing gateway and since then it has started to grow into a viable option WooCommerce owners. Powered by Stripe, it brings the management of payments to your dashboard. And like Stripe, transaction costs start at 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction with no set up fees or monthly payments.

On top of that you are now able to integrate subscriptions and capitalize from recurring revenue or other repeated services without the monthly fee.

This addition is certainly going to open up the door to many merchants who had previously only considered moving to Woo payments. There are several benefits as I have mentioned, as well as the fact that most account will have deposits automatically transferred to your bank account daily, on a tow-day rolling basis.

WooCommerce payments is currently available only in the U.S., but from their recent State of the Woo, it will be moving next to a group of English-speaking countries. You can put your a request in for you country over on their site.

You can learn more about the new subscription integration over on their post.

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