Submit Your WooCommerce News

Please read this before submitting any news for our consideration. I am looking for news specifically related to WooCommerce for the Friday, WooBits.

What Woo News Will I Consider?

  1. Any news that is directly related to WooCommerce, including events, agency news, acquisitions, and other interesting stories that affect the Woo ecosystem.
  2. New products and services that are built specifically for WooCommerce.
  3. Existing products that are not Woo specific but now have new features or an add-on specifically for Woo. (this doesn’t mean that your plugin just works with WooCommerce.)

Note that this is not a separate article. It is a brief mention in our weekly news on Friday. (both written post and podcast)

Send your news

Submit a concise overview and any link. Don’t make it a sales pitch or hype, this is not a commercial, but a simple piece of the news. I will contact you if we need clarification.