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Submit Your New Product

If you have a new WooCommerce product or service, it may be a perfect fit for my occasional Product Snapshot posts.

These new product snapshots are published here for two reasons.

  1. To give all you hard working builders a bit more exposure
  2. To give my audience of builders a quick glance at what has come out in the Woo ecosystem

There are a few things to consider before submitting:

  • The plugin or service must have a deep integration with WooCommerce. Not just another plugin that will work on a Woo site.
  • It must have been released within the last 14 days.
  • You can only submit products and services as a builder or on the team of the company who created it.
  • All products submitted must be GPL licensed.

If I do consider your submission to fit better under our news, I’ll reach out for more information. Due to the volume of requests, I cannot respond either way to your submission personally.

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