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StoreBuilder by Nexcess Launched

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StoreBuilder by Nexcess Launched

Nexcess, known for their WooCommerce Managed Hosting has launched a StoreBuilder that uses the power of AI to create custom WooCommerce stores. This could be a game changer in the Woo space.

Retail Research Driven

As noted on the site:

With extensive retail sector research powering an AI-driven rules engine, StoreBuilder by Nexcess creates the custom online store you’ve been dreaming of, designed the way you want it and optimized for selling.

How does this affect the seasoned WooCommerce site builder?

The StoreBuilder offers the ability to get a WooCommerce shop up and running quickly and with no coding. Answer some questions and throw in AI and you are on your way.

But for those who build sites for clients, I had to learn more about this via my friend Chris Lema, over at Nexcess.

Transcript of the response from Chris:

If you’re like me, what happens is someone approaches me and says, “I want to build my store for the first time.” I’m delighted, I love that. I think everyone should have an online store, just like everyone at some point in their life has done a garage sale, I think you should sell online. But you ask a couple questions to that person who wants to get online for the first time and you struggle a little because on the one hand you think, I want to tell you about WordPress, I want to tell you about WooCommerce. It is the most widely adopted, powers more stores than anything else. Feature rich, inexpensive, extensible platform out there, but it’s not always end customer friendly, easy to use, intuitive to get that first store built. And the person coming to me doesn’t say, “I have a ton of budget and I have tons of weeks to build this out.” They’re saying, “How do I do this spending a little bit of money and just trying to get a store live up and running?

One half of me goes, I want to recommend this and yet I know that there will likely be a challenge and a challenge that may end up coming back to me to have to do work and maybe work for free. On the other hand, I go, “I know I can recommend something like Shopify and it’s inexpensive and you’ll be able to click through and add some stuff and go live.” Unfortunately, every store will look the same because everybody’s using the same templates, et cetera. Well, if you’ve been in that place, like I’ve been countless times, I have some good news. We spent the last year building a product called StoreBuilder and StoreBuilder is a fantastic for those people who’ve never built anything ever.

And you’re saying, “I want the power of WordPress and WooCommerce, but also I would like to just make it super easy to get started. Super easy, and by that I mean, just do it for me, build the store for me.” And that’s what Store Builder does. It asks you a few questions and takes a few answers and then it uses that and our AI engine and it pulls it all together plus the design components and boom! You get a custom, one of a kind store. Every time you run Store Builder, it generates something else. You’re not getting a template. You’re not getting a theme. You’re not getting the same story that everybody else gets. And it’s nuanced by how many products you’re planning on selling. It’s nuanced by what industry you’re in. It is an incredible thing.

And here’s the best part. If you’re in the WordPress and WooCommerce space, it gives you the opportunity to recommend something like StoreBuilder, knowing that as they grow, you don’t have to then say, “Oh, well, we have to migrate you off Shopify or off Webflow.” When you hit the boundaries of those platforms, the lack of extensibility, when you get to the edges of that, whatever it is. Whether it’s coupons, subscriptions, memberships or anything else, when you get to those boundaries, you don’t have to tell your friends, “Oh, it’s time to migrate back over.” You can just step in and keep going from there because it does run on WordPress. That’s why we think, it’s more important than ever to focus on the very downmarket and help grow them into full stores where you can get involved and you can build out more custom features. That’s why StoreBuilder is so incredible.

You can learn more about the StoreBuilder here.

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