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ServeBolt PHP Workers, DHL Shipping, Menu by User Roles and Product Search

The latest snapshot of new products and services for WooCommerce.

Servebolt Adds Unlimited PHP Workers

Servebolt has recently added unlimited workers to their Pro plans and up. One of the triggers to do this was to make their eCommerce offering even more complete. They host a lot of WooCommerce sites and find it important not to limit those sites in any way, shape, or form. You can read more about it on their post and unlimited PHP workers comes with their pro plans.

DHL Global Shipping with WooCommerce

A new partnership between WooCommerce Shipping and DHL. Now, US-based businesses can unlock more opportunities by expanding reach around the world. It includes special discounted rates for DHL Express labels, free pickups, quick deliveries, as fast as two to five days, end-to-end shipment tracking with automated customer emails and automated customs form creation.

Menu by User Roles

This extension allows you to hide WordPress menus based on user roles. The audience it is aiming at is member-only pages and B2B such as wholesalers, retailers, general customers and guest users.

WooCommerce Product Search

This extension takes the search engine for your store and helps customers find products more quickly. It includes live search and live filters as well as automated integration, a search index, visually intuitive filters, search statistics and business insights. In addition it can be used with the block editor.

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