SEO Tips That May Slip by Your Clients WooCommerce Shop

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I am going to preface this with the fact that I am not an SEO expert. Far from it. But over the 14 years of working on my own site, designing client sites, teaching and consulting, I have learned a lot through osmosis. And yes, I have screwed up as well.

Instead of making this a list of things I pull off the top of my head, I just wanted to share a few posts and podcasts here that may give you some new insights.

Odds and Ends of SEO

Improving SEO for Used Products Sold

This was a very interesting extension I came across. In this post I explain how it works as the ability to fine-tune used items sold for the search engines makes it even more important, whether it’s only used or a mix of used and new products that your client sells. It’s all plays around the importance of Schema markup and conditions.

Keeping Up with Internal Linking

I am a huge advocate of internal linking. I have done it for many years and know the that it does improve your SEO as it helps Google to understand your site and content better. Here are some thoughts on how to keep up with it on a Woo shop.

Repurposing Product or Service Support

Next on the huge advocate list of mine, is repurposing. Helpful and educational content for your Woo site will build SEO value. It’s a given. Finding the ideas for content, well, that is a bit tougher. Consider these three reasons to repurpose your support to help in building up your or your clients SEO.

SEO Insights from Marieke at Yoast

Yes, I need to toss in a podcast on this list. The entire conversation with Marieke, CEO of Yoast, is worth listening to. But it doesn’t go without dropping some great tips for WooCommerce and SEO.

A bonus: Adding More to Your WooCommerce (on-site) Search Results

Now this is not directly SEO related, but plays into the fact of making it a better experience for any customer who lands on a Woo shop. And that is improving the on-site search results.

Search Engine Optimization Resources

Of course, I will now get a ton of SEO people asking for a back-link but to make it easy, here are three of my most trusted SEO resources that I use and listen to myself.

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