How to Sell Software Licenses with WooCommerce

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If you or your client sell any kind of software using WooCommerce, likely there will be license keys associated with that software.

Using the Software Add-On, you can not only sell licenses, but also offer upgrades, which is critical to a successful software business.

The Software Add-On for WooCommerce

Creating a software product gives you these new options by toggling the software checkbox. There are several details that you will fill out here. The upgrade settings of course are optional.

You will want to generate the Secret Key to be used by the API, which is provided. You can limit the activations or leave blank for unlimited activations.

If this is an upgrade, you need to add the name of the product that it’s upgraded from and the price. You will add a valid license key for upgrades and used keys as well.

Note that this extension comes with an API for generating keys, activating licenses, deactivating and resetting. And if needed, and you have a developer working on this for you, the API can be integrated into your software for licensing validations.

Software Licenses on Orders

If you open up an order of any software sold, you will see the license key information and also activation statuses. You can also add additional license keys here.

When the order is completed, the customer will get the needed information in the email.

View All License Keys

You will also see all license keys under WooCommerce > License Keys.

License Keys for Software Reporting

Lastly, you can review both sales and recent activations in your WooCommerce reporting.

In their documentation, you will find all the needed specs and info regarding the API and how to effectively use it. This extension works also works great with WooCommerce Subscriptions. You can learn more about the Software Add-On extension here.

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