How to Allow Customers to Schedule Local Deliveries and Pickups in WooCommerce

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Often when someone launches an online store with WooCommerce, they want to give their customers an option for local delivery and /or pickup. Online bakeries and florist are just a couple of examples of businesses that might take advantage of this to name just a few.

The Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce plugin gives customers control over when they want their purchase delivered by enabling the choice of a delivery day and time on the checkout page. It also gives you the store owner the control to limit the number of deliveries per day or time slot. Delivery charges can be added for peak hours or days and set cutoff times for same and next day deliveries to name just a few options.

The Order Delivery Date Pro Plugin for WooCommerce

As ya builder, you may not want to customize this for your clients, when a plugin can work. With this one, there are a lot of options to fine tune the delivery dates which your clients will be able to do. But the real power of this plugin is the ability it gives you to set custom delivery schedules based on shipping methods, shipping classes, product categories and pickup locations.

General Settings

First, we start with the general date settings which includes the order delivery date and the shipping days:

general date settings

Next, we can add specific delivery dates. This is perfect if you need to assign a delivery charge to specific dates:

general specific delivery dates

There are options to set specific time settings. This is useful for cutoff dates for either same day or next day delivery:

general order delivery time settings

For holidays or other times time spans that you want to block out delivery, you can do that here:

general holiday settings

The next options give you the ability to change the calendar appearance and the text for the fields, as well as color code your calendar. The calendar comes with several options for the look via themes with a live preview.

general appearance settings

Now you are going to create your time slots for delivery. You can control the number of slots available and how many deliveries can be offered within a single slot:

Lastly, in the general settings, there are some additional options as well as the ability to integrate and and enable compatibility with some other plugins. There are several other plugins that this will work with to further expand the control you have over delivery dates. Here is a list of the current plugins compatible with delivery dates:

  • WooCommerce Subscriptions
  • Zapier
  • WooCommerce Customer/Order CSV Export
  • WooCommerce PDF Invoices and Packing Slips
  • WooCommerce Print Invoices and Delivery Note
  • WooCommerce Amazon Payments Advanced Gateway
additional settings

Custom Delivery Settings

The ability to create custom delivery date and times based on shipping methods, product categories and pickup locations is a powerful option and is considered the most popular feature of this plugin. You will first choose it based on the three areas I just mentioned, add your dates and times specifically for these custom delivery options, add the slots, block out any holidays and change the appearance of a couple of the field labels.

custom delivery settings

Once you have your custom deliveries set up, you can view the details here:

details of custom delivery

Google Calendar Sync

If you would like to sync your booked delivery slots to your Google calendar (since this is likely what you and your delivery people would have access to), you can set that up here:

google calendar sync settings

Pickup Locations

You can also make local pickup available. Here is where you add the locations of the store or stores:

general pickup locations settings

Your Calendar of Deliveries

You can always see the calendar of the deliveries in the dashboard and sort those by product or orders with additional filtering for where the order is in the payment process:

delivery calendar

Delivery Email Reminders

You can set an email reminder to go out before a specific number of days before the delivery:

email reminder setup

Delivery Date Availability Reminder Widget

If you would like customers to see what dates are available for delivery before they get to checkout, you can use this widget:

Delivery Date Availability Reminder widget

And you can see what it looks like on the shop page:

calendar on shop page

If you have postcodes toggled, then you will enter it first before seeing available dates.

enter postcode on widget

Also, here is a view of the delivery date field on the checkout page:

delivery on checkout page

As you can see, this plugin covers every variable when it comes to offering local delivery. And with the options of customizing deliveries based on categories, shipping or pickup locations, it makes it easy for your customers to set up the delivery they want without any hassles, especially since they can choose their own time and date.

Learn more about how the Order Delivery Date Pro Plugin for WooCommerce here.

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