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Customer Feedback, Size Chart and Price Before and After Text

A snapshot of some new products and services in the Woo ecosystem.


This plugin on WordPress.org allows you to show customer feedback anywhere on your WooCommerce site. You are able to do this with Google product ratings schema, products details page review layout and style, and shortcode builder. It works with all page builder and themes.

Size Chart for WooCommerce

This extension on the marketplace lets you build a size chart to better define product sizes to make it easier for your customers to choose the right size with any added information or measuring instructions. Can be displayed in either a product page tab or as a popup window via a button on the product page.

Product Price Before & After Text

Without knowing code, you can use this extension to add text before and after your product price on the product page. For example, Special Price $9.95 for Limited Time. Has a variety of use cases.

Jetpack Scan

A lot of WooCommerce stores use Jetpack and now they can take advantage of the scan for malware threats. If a threat or vulnerability is found, you will be emailed an alert immediately. An option for stores that are using Jetpack and don’t have a security scan in place. (Watch for eCommerce shop plans for real-time scanning soon.)

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