Repurposing Your WooCommerce Product or Service Support

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I am a big advocate of repurposing content. For anyone with a WooCommerce-related business or blog, there are many ways to do this. It takes two resources: idea generation and content creation tools. Here are some suggestions for idea generation.

3 Good Reasons to Repurpose Your Support

I am sure that you have heard of numerous ways to do this. But have you ever thought that your support channel is a goldmine? Here are a few ideas to ponder.

1. Highlight the Pain Points

Because of all the variables, you can only create so much troubleshooting documentation. And those pain points are not necessarily something your product or service lacks. It’s often more of a message of clarification and direction. Those customer challenges you hear over and over again are prime material for a blog post. And who better knows what they are than your support staff?

2. Listen to—and Learn from— Your Support Staff

How you collect or gather this information for content will depend on the workflow of your support staff. But identifying those instances when your support team creates a unique solution can often be extended into useful posts.

3. Flex Your Creative Muscles

Depending on your situation this could be an opportunity to help your support team to build other skill sets for your business. Giving them occasional time to write up a post of their experience gives them practice around documentation and the ability to fine-tune their own skills that you may find useful in other situations.

It’s Just Good All the Way Around

In addition to your documentation, you now have posts you can easily point people to when they need help. Also, it is healthy for your site’s SEO. I cannot tell you how many times I have googled a problem I am having with a specific WooCommerce product or service and end up on a forum, where I could have used a more succinct, cohesive explanation of the solution.

A Challenge Worth Looking at

Depending on your goals and resources, this idea may not fit for you, or it might. In fact, I’m not sure if anyone is doing this. But as I see more and more WooCommerce businesses looking for opportunities to drive more traffic to their sites, this may be something worth exploring.

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