Create a Redirect to a Page or Checkout Based on the Product Added to Cart

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After someone adds a product to a cart, what if it was redirected to checkout, saving the customer time? Or perhaps, redirect the customer to another landing page that would offer an incentive or cross-sell product from your store.

This is another great opportunity to boost conversions and even cross-sell products automatically.

A WooCommerce Cart Redirect

The WooCommerce Add to Cart Redirect extension gives you four custom options.

Global Cart Redirection

You will find this in your WooCommerce > General > Settings. Just type in the page you want it redirect to. As with global settings, this will be applied to all the products on the site.

Product Cart Redirection

Under your Advanced tab, on each specific product, you have the option to redirect to checkout or any other page. You can also redirect to a specific URL.

Variable Product Cart Redirect

In addition, you have the same options for redirecting a specific variation of a variable product.

It has been proven that the quicker someone gets to checkout, the better the conversions. So depending on the product, this is something you might really want to consider for your clients site.

There are so many other ways you could use this.

You could set up a product as a cross-sell that potentially would be perfect for the customer to purchase at the same time.

Or, if some products are on sale, redirecting to a product that would enhance what they have already chosen could make for an additional purchase.

Lastly, you can get creative and build unique landing pages that might offer more important information on the product or some other bonus or incentive.

Whatever you choose to use this for, it’s easy to set up and have running on your clients shop— instantly. Check out the WooCommerce Add to Cart Redirect to learn more.

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