Do You Want to Be Featured in a Profile in Woo?

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I cannot believe it will soon be one year (in October) since I launched Do the Woo site officially. Of course the podcast existed long before this site as well as lot of the content. But the purpose and direction was new.

Since that launch date you have seen the Profiles in Woo off and on. There were several reasons for this which I’m not going to bore you with. Instead, I have refreshed the profiles that are currently on here so lets talk about moving forward.

Learn More About the Builders in the WooCommerce Community

There are a lot of builders out there who deserve recognition who are part of the WooCommerce builder community, in one way or another.

That is why I started this site and one of the reasons I am picking up the pace of Profiles in Woo.

What Are Profiles in Woo?

First off, let me explain why I started these.

The podcast, Do the Woo, gives and my co-hosts a chance to talk to builders in the WooCommerce builder community about what they are doing and thinking. And over time it has grown to include even more perspective from others in the bigger WordPress space.

So why Woo profiles?

  1. I only have so many slots available for the podcast, two a week, and there are a lot of Woo builders out there.
  2. Not everyone loves, or is comfortable being on, a podcast. It’s a barrier that excludes many fine people.

Profiles in Woo will post interviews with WooCommerce community, including:

  • Developers
  • Designers
  • Builders of Products and Services
  • Others who build directly with WooCommerce

What is the Expected Outcome?

I certainly want to have you share the cool stuff you are building. But even more importantly, you get to share you experience. What you like about Woo. What the challenges are. What you see in the future. It’s all about educating each other in the Woo builder space.

Are You Ready?

Although some of the questions I ask have changed, you can view the past and more recent Profiles in Woo.

And if you would like to suggest someone for Profiles in Woo, you can see more of what I’m looking for and a form you can submit here.

So keep an eye out as I discover all the cool people who make up the WooCommerce builder community.

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