Profiles in Woo: Aleksandar Savkovic

Meet Aleksandar Savkovic, WordPress Community Manager at Cloudways

How Do You Do the Woo?

I started with Woo as a ManageWP Customer Happiness agent mostly fixing issues and helping clients. Later, I trained new employees for ManageWP and GoDaddy on how to set up and maintain the WP and Woo. 

After I left GoDaddy, I joined Enartia, the group of hosting companies, as a product manager for their new hosting,, which was the first managed hosting for Woo Sites. At the same time, I was lecturing onWP and Woo and building websites in Woo for clients, as well as starting the Woo meetup in Belgrade, which has now merged with WP meetups.

And now I’m WP Community Manager at Cloudways; I also took responsibility for taking care of Woo.

What year did you start using WooCommerce?

I started with WooCommerce in 2015.

Tell me the story of how you started using WooCommerce and why.

Let’s say it’s a bit of a bittersweet story. This is my second profession and not the one initially trained for in my official education. I’m an architectural technician but after the world economic crisis, there were no jobs in the industry and I had to figure out something else. I applied for a one-year course in web development for WP and Woo (HTML, CSS, JS, PHP) and the focus was theme development. I started using it on my first project, which was an electronic music label website for a small shop.

Why did you choose to focus on WooCommerce?

I wouldn’t say I intended to focus on Woo but I began to get many projects where people were asking me for advice or needing a website. Step by step, I was learning more and expanding my knowledge more than other developers in my surrounding area.

What do you like most about WooCommerce?

I like the flexibility, the features and the out-of-the-box possibilities.. If you know Woo well, with not much coding, you can achieve great results and build whatever you like. A year ago we changed Woo to a couponing site for Montenegro and it is still working for them like a charm.

What is your biggest challenge with WooCommerce when building websites?

Well, I don’t think I have many challenges but I would say more dependencies like Facebook for Woo which is not working great so you need to find a workaround and that annoying third party stuff ­čÖé

What is your biggest challenge with WooCommerce when building sites?

Since my responsibilities lean more toward research and development, and marketing, I would say the biggest challenge would be to think of an extension that doesn’t already exist.

What is your biggest challenge with WooCommerce when building products?

Most new WooCommerce extensions you will see are usually improved versions of an existing solution. So it is challenging (though not impossible) to plan out a brand new usable extension.

What would you like to see in the future with WooCommerce in terms of making it easier to run your business?

As I mentioned before, any kind of staging/production database sync keeping all products, orders, and clients untouched in production.

Are there any trends that you see coming in the WooCommerce/eCommerce space?

At the moment (except page builder adding full Woo editor), nothing special.

What will you not buy online and still need to get in person. And why?

Mostly clothes and shoes, because, for instance, three famous brands have completely different sizes for the same standard marks and numbers.

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