Welcome, Post Status Members

What a combo! Like milk and a peanut butter sandwich. Cheese and a good wine. Pineapple on pizza. (WHOOPS!)

But seriously, if you build sites with WooCommerce, products for WooCommerce, or anything between, we will fill in even more holes for you in the Woo space aside from what we are doing on Post Status. As Cory said,  it allows really awesome people to work even closer together to “go farther together.”

By supporting us as a Do the Woo Builder Friend, you will get:

Builder Friend directory with gravatar and link

Private access to the Woo Insights podcast

Private Slack Channel on PS Slack

The power of the Woo Builder community behind you

Become a Woo Builder Friend, Regular $99, for Post Status Members, only $49

If you are interested in being a Community Friend, you can check that out here.