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Password Protect, Product Catalog, Multiple Email Recipients and Product Warnings and Disclaimers

The latest snapshot of new products and services for WooCommerce.

Password Protect WordPress Pro

A recent integration with WooCommerce comes the ability to send access links with passwords on virtual products, prevention of passwords or access links from being shared, restrictions for time or clicks on access and setting a usage limit or expiration date based on product quantity.

WooCommerce Multiple Email Recipients

This plugin allows customers to store extra email addresses directly in WooCommerce. For example, a customer purchases your product. Then they have to forward the email to their accounts department. This plugin gives them the chance to add additional emails to their account and you control which emails are available for multiple recipients.

WISDM Product Catalog Manager

This free plugin converts your shop into a catalog by hiding the price and purchase options for unregistered guests. Registered customers will be able to continue to view your normal shop with prices and options to purchase.

Product Warning and Disclaimers

This extension offers additional warnings and disclaimers that my be need for specific products. It adds warnings on the product page as text and popups, can show them based on tags and categories, and customize your own warnings or use their icons.

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