Announcing a Partnership with Post Status and Do the Woo

I spend a fair amount of my time talking with new businesses who are looking to move into the WooCommerce ecosystem. The fact that Woo sits on top of WordPress, I feel strong that any Woo Builder must be connected to and active in the bigger, WordPress space. It’s a given. And each time I talk to those people, more times than not, I bring up Post Status.

First, at the core, they are about guidance, connection and support for those in the WordPress economy. And we are about guidance, connection and elevation.

Second, I have been friends with Cory for a long time. I have followed his amazing journey over the last decade and highly respect him for his constant support, successes as an entrepreneur and the love and empathy he has for the WordPress community. In fact, the entire team at Post Status is awesome.

Now we circle back around for an exciting, first partnership.

The Perfect Blend for Community

I feel that this is the perfect partnership. And if you are a member of Post Status, I want to bring conversations and insights around Woo to the PS community. At the same time, Post Status gives us the opportunity to grow and connect within the bigger ecosystem. Joining their Post Status Network gives us the opportunity to flex out our creative muscles and do even more.

Cory shared this with me:

Bob and I have been friends for a long time and I’ve long admired Bob, his passion, his work and endurance in WordPress over the years.

This partnership — our first in the Post Status Network — is a huge win for all involved. It gives our members fantastic content focused on WooCommerce, the Commerce Engine for WordPress. It gives Do the Woo Members a bigger home and place in the Premiere “Business of WordPress” community at Post Status. And it allows really awesome people to work even closer together to “go farther together.

You will be hearing a lot more about this partnership as go forward. And if you are a Post Status member and have yet to become a Builder Friend of Do the Woo, we have a deal just for you. (And I am working with Cory and the team on a special discount for Do the Woo Friends who want to join Post Status)

We will obviously be sharing more details on this soon, but I’m excited about this partnership and joining the Post Status Network. Because it's all about community.

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Thanks to our Pod Friends for their support