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They say the devil is in the details. Well, that is neither here or there, but when it comes products on a WooCommerce shop, the “useful” information you can make available, the better. Now I’m not talking about massive amounts of content. It is giving that extra something in the buying process.

Pinpoint the Visitors Needs

You may have a client that has specific needs. Here are a few posts on our site that may help you tackle some of them.

Give Customers a Way to Calculate the Cost of Products Based on Measurements

If your clients sell any kind of products that are based on quantities and measurements, you want to make it easy for their customers to know what it’s going to cost them. Think of carpeting or tile for floors when it comes to square footage. Or any other product that is sold based on their size, such as dimensions, weight or volume.

But it does even more than that. It lets the customer find out an estimate of how much they might need. This is done with by allowing the customer to add in the measurements to the calculator. It saves them time and makes a potential purchase more likely.

Offer Store Customers an Easy Way to Compare Products Details

If your client has a store where they carry several similar products, it is a huge benefit to give their customers the opportunity to easily compare these products. A side-by-side comparison, especially for certain products, can mean the difference between a conversion or not.

And it’s really easy to do with the WooCommerce Products Compare extension. Just install and activate.

Add Documentation with Products

For so many products, documentation is key. Sure it’s great to have it online and accessible somewhere, but that is often a matter of waiting until the customer purchases the product or they just end up scouring the site. Wouldn’t it be nice to offer something easier that may not cost you a sale? Because if you have it, good documentation matters.

Whether this is for a client product or yourself, the Products Document extension makes it easy to offer these docs conveniently below the product’s short description, in a sidebar or using the Custom Tabs extension, in a tab using the shortcode.

Add Custom Text Before and After the Price on Product Pages

As a builder, you often will do this via code. But other times, it’s better to use a plugin and it may make your clients life much easier down the road. If they want to remove it later, well, much easier deactivating a plugin.

This is the case with adding text before and after the price of a product. It could be something you want to do long-term, but more likely it’s short-term. In any case, you want to make the changes quickly and easily.

Display a Detailed Size Chart on the Product Page

There are people who are very comfortable with buying clothing online. Then there are those who are hesitant. And, of course, various levels in between.

If a customer has bought something before, it’s a no-brainer. But there are instances where clothing choices are a bit more complicated and instead of dealing with constant returns, your client might be better off to provide their customers with the information they need to make more appropriate selections.

How to View Product Details in a Product Listing

You land on a shop or category page on a WooCommerce site. You are almost sure the product you see is what you need, but you are not exactly certain.So what do you do? You want to click through to the product page.

You need a few more details.

Or perhaps you are perusing a list of products via category. It looks like the one, but, still, you are not sure. When you click on it, you realize that the one next to it on that page was the one you really wanted. You go back. Now you have to scroll through them again to find it. What if you could get that info then and there? What I have described above is what your clients customer may be experiencing or thinking. And it can be frustrating.

How to Add Variation Photos and Swatches to WooCommerce

Variable products are a crucial opportunity for many WooCoomerce sites to increase sales of specific product lines. But the options offered in the default WooCommerce setup are an uninspiring combination of a couple of basic dropdowns on single product pages and simple words with checkboxes when filtering. 

Not only does this offer a less than impressive customer experience, but it hurts your clients conversion rates. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to enhance variable product attributes. By adding photo and variation swatches to your WooCommerce store.  

Help Customers to Convert Prices Into Their Currencies

If your clients site is not set up to show customers in other countries what a product will cost on your WooCommerce site, they may want to give their customers that option with a simple widget.

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