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New WooCommerce Products and Services Evolves Back into the Woo News

Since the launch of this site I have separated new products and services from my WooCommerce news. Those have been called New Product Snapshots. But this is changing.

Submit Your New Woo Product or Service for Consideration in the News

With the direction of this site, I felt it was time to move back those product announcements in the regular news stream here on Do the Woo. I am doing this to continue to support and grow the builder community and at the same time:

  1. Give those builders a bit of exposure
  2. As originally planned, keep you updated on what new products and services are coming out.

You Do Want Free Exposure, Right?

I know personally from having worked with Woo builders over the years that aside from regular marketing, they struggle to find other ways for exposure. Well, here I am.

This is going to work best if I don’t have to track these down. To be honest, it’s time consuming. And often impossible. Although if I do run across something I will certainly take advantage of it.

All you have to do is meet the criteria and submit it here.

Note: I do give special attention as far as keeping track of what my supporters are doing, namely my Friends of Do the Woo. So you might consider joining us.

But be assured, there is not cost to submitting and having your news published.

Thanks to our current Community Sponsors