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New Pod Friends Step Up to Support the Woo Builder Community

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New Pod Friends Step Up to Support the Woo Builder Community

When I launched the Do the Woo official site back in October of last year, I knew the potential and how I could bring my own skills to help grow the WooCommerce builder community.

As you may have noticed, since then, a lot has happened here. The potential for organic growth is taking off and I’m growing the team of my volunteers and generating new ideas for the site and community constantly.

Of course, with this is the need for support to cover me full-time and acquire the resources I need to sustain it. I have been fortunate to have WooCommerce behind me, as well as our Community Sponsor PayPal, and, of course, my Friends of Do the Woo. But in order to set me on a path where I could really focus on the content, the community and the growth, it was time to put some new resources and partnerships into place.

Thank You to My New Pod Friends

With some thought and strategizing I came to the conclusion of finding 12 businesses who are part of the Woo space to commit over the next year to support the growth of the community. And as of today, I have 11 of those business on board.

I am thrilled with these partnerships and how they can play as an asset in the growth of the Woo Builder Community. And with my deepest gratitude, I thank my new Pod Friends.

Thanks to our community sponsor

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