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Moving Inventory Online During These Uncertain Times

The other day, a WooCommerce developer said that a client frantically requested that their inventory be moved online, to their website, because they were still offering delivery. The developer was able to do that and help her existing client.

I thought about how that opportunity may help a lot of businesses at this point. Sure, it’s going to take some thinking and work—especially if you can either ship or deliver the goods.

But that isn’t what occurred to me.

The Long Run with Resources

At some point, businesses will wrap back around to business as usual. Or, hopefully, some facsimile of what their business was. But when you made that move to add your products to your website, you may have made a bigger commitment than anticipated.

So first you have to think, will I continue to sell online when things settle down?

This is the challenge. You may have the resources now since your walk-in traffic is limited or gone completely, depending on what you sell. So you can make those deliveries. You can do that shipping. But when the time comes for that foot traffic to resume, can you continue doing it?

Two Things to Think About

You will have your work cut out for you if you decide to do this. But let’s say you don’t continue with it after the crisis is over. You take that option off. The negative side of that could be these twofold.

New and/or existing clients were getting used to what you offered during this time. The opportunity to have your product either delivered or shipped may have turned into a preferred option for them.

The second consideration is Google. What if this pandemic goes on long enough that the search engines start picking up some of that content that is now available online?

Suddenly it disappears. Sure, you may work on making sure redirects are in place and it won’t discourage customers, yet there could be some ramifications.

Granted, ending delivery options may not be as impactful as imagined. But I do wonder about any online order and shipping that you may put in place. And what the results would be if you were not able to continue to offer that later on.

Whatever you are choosing to do under these circumstances, my wish is that you come through this challenging time with flying colors.

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