How to Migrate WooCommerce Categories, Tags and Brands

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Categories and tags come by default in WooCommerce and are a critical piece to your clients site’s organization and navigation. If you consider them important in any WordPress site, think physical store and you will see how they play an important role in your WooCommerce site.

In addition, if you are using the Brands extension, the same goes for that custom taxonomy.

Whether you are moving them for a complete site migration, or you have dozens of them that can be used for a new store, moving them should be an easy task.

Exporting and Importing Taxonomies with WP All Import

With the WooCommerce add-on, you will see that all three are listed as options. Since each one of these follow the same steps, I will only be going through the process of migrating categories. I will point out anything that is specific to a single taxonomy.

Note that the plugin does have full support for nested/hierarchical categories and category images, with term meta as an option.

For the specific post type, I will choose Taxonomies and I’ll find Brands, Product categories and Product tags.

choose product categories to export

I have only 14 product categories, but the process is the same for any amount.

exporting categories

You can also customize your export using filter options.

exporting categories filtering options

You can fine-tune the export even more with the data drag-and-drop for those taxonomies.

drag and drop data for export

The necessary data are already filled in for me, so I will click on the Migrate Products. There is one more step as I confirm the export: the option to export now or schedule it. Additionally, I can set it to export categories only once.

confirm and run category export

Once the export is completed, I will take the easier option of downloading the bundle. You can also export on a schedule with options to send your exports to external apps with Zapier. You can bulk edit your products as well.

export completed

As I mentioned previously, with Brands and Tags you go through the exact same steps.

Importing Your WooCommerce Taxonomies to a New Site

As you can see, on my new site I have no product categories.

new site with no product categories

I choose upload a file, as I exported the bundled file from WP All Import.

upload file

After it’s uploaded, I can skip to step 4 as I had everything all set when I exported the file.

categories imported first step

Before I do the final import, I can view all my records, plus several options around syncing my imports as well as some advanced settings. I have nothing to change so I will continue with the import.

final settings for import

Next is a summary before I confirm and run import.

Import will be confirmed with a detailed log.

category import done with log

And if we were to check out product categories, you can see all of them have been imported.

It’s really that simple. And you would use the same steps for other WooCommerce taxonomies. If you are looking to migrate WooCommerce Product Categories, Tags and Brands into a new store, check out WP All Imports.

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