How to Migrate WooCommerce Orders to a New Site

When moving a WooCommerce content to a new shop, a seamless migration is essential. And when it comes to customer orders, you do not want anything to go wrong.

How to Export/Import Orders on Your WooCommerce Site with WP All Import

Using the WooCommerce add-on for the plugin makes this an easy task. I start with exporting the orders from an existing site. By choosing WooCommerce orders, all orders by default will be exported, no matter the status of the order.

select orders to export

If you want to filter which orders you are exporting, you have several options here. For example, a common export might be by date or order status.

filtering order export

You can also customize the export by dragging and dropping only the data you want to export.

customize order export

In my case, I am simply going to Migrate Orders.

A couple of things to note in the Advanced Options. You can choose to only export new orders on subsequent runs by toggling on the Only export orders once. Also, if you want to only export updated or changed orders in future scheduled exports, you would turn on Only export Orders that have been modified since last export.

confirmation and advanced options before final export

Once I have confirmed and run the export, I have the options for scheduling, either manually or automatically, integration with external apps using Zapier and bulk editing my WooCommerce orders.

I am going to take the simple route and download the bundle to import into my new store.

final export of orders

Importing Orders Into a New WooCommerce Shop

As you can see, I have no orders in my new shop.

no orders in new shop

Since I bundled my export, I will be uploading it as a file. But I do have options to download from a URL and to use an existing file.

upload product file for import

Since all import settings for me will be filled in, I am skipping to Step 4.

Before the final import, there are some options here, including being able to view the data of each order, and scheduling, and custom advanced options if my import had some specific settings. But specifically, you will see that you can block or unblock email notifications that go out to customers.

more options before final import

One last confirmation page.

confirmation page for import

Once the import is run, you will get a message on its success and a log if you need to check anything out.

import successful

My orders are now in my new store.

orders in new store

If you want to make sure you get the order data you need when migrating your WooCommerce orders to a new site check out WP All Import.

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