Marketing WooCommerce Products: Trust and Pain Points

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A constant struggle for many Woo builders is marketing. Most times it’s natural. You are good at what you do, building. Marketing, well, that brings a new challenge.

WooCommerce Builders Marketing Their Products

When talking with Spencer Forman, a veteran in the web space and builder at WPLaunchify, we asked him what he thought builders should think about when it come to marketing.

Be the Birdie on the Hippo’s Back

Number one is be the birdie on the hippo’s back. Okay, so you ever see those picture of like hippos, they don’t mind the birds on top, because the birds eat the bugs. And that makes them happy. And the birds eat and the hippo’s happy. Everybody’s happy. It’s a symbiosis. There’s an infinite number of popular plugins. Hey, guess what, how about WooCommerce? I build LaunchFlows. Guess what LaunchFlows is? It’s the birdie on the WooCommerce’s back. There’s already millions of people who love WooCommerce. But unfortunately, at least for now, WooCommerce doesn’t understand how to do sales funnel stuff.

And so I take what’s wrong or what’s missing, I build that. And now I can market into that audience specifically, who are welcoming me with open arms like, “Where have you been all our lives?” So LaunchFlows came from being a birdie on a hippo’s back. And that’s always been the thing, finding a pain that exists with an existing plugin. And being able to make an add-on are what open source allows.

Build That Trust

And then the second thing is, it’s controversial, maybe because it’s not a yes or no answer. But remember, I said I originally had a technical partner who was necessary because I knew nothing of coding to get me into a very complex REST API world. If you start with an existing plugin, and you modify it or add to it, it’s far, far easier to teach yourself how to do that. Or if like you said, you’re a technical person to start with now, you don’t have to say as much to do as much but you should still follow the same rule.

Which it pains my heart By the way, there’s so many great plugins that are written by people who don’t need to speak English per se, but like my God, I’d rather hear you speak in broken English and say, “I’m so and so from so and so country that developed this plugin.” And then the rest is easy then to have these plugins that now exist where you don’t know who the heck is the developer. And where did this come from? Because that makes me uneasy as a buyer. If I’m going to put something into my eCommerce site from somebody, I don’t know who’s the person responsible. It’s a trust issue.

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