Managing and Customizing Tabs for WooCommerce Products

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If you are looking for a way to add custom tabs on the product page your next project, and you prefer not to customize the product page template, there is a solution.

The WooCommerce Tabs Manager extension. You can create custom tabs to use on several, specific products and the drag-and-drop lets you easily order the tabs as you would like them displayed.

WooCommerce Product Tabs

If you use WooCommerce, I’m sure you are familiar with two tabs on your product page: Description and ReviewsHow these tabs look will depend on your theme. For example, this is the Storefront theme.

default tabs

Both labels (or names) are default and cannot be changed easily. The Description will only show up if you put some text in the product’s post. And the Review, which can be hidden globally under WooCommerce Settings > Products > General.

Or by individual product in the Advanced Settings.

Custom Tabs Settings in WooCommerce

If you will be using a custom tab on a few different products, you can create and manage those here.

custom tabs

Adding a Global Tab in WooCommerce

If you want to add a custom tab that you can easily add to more than one product, you can create it by choosing Add Global Tab. And it’s not any different than formatting your product description.

You can also assign a tab to a Product Category. This is another great feature of a global tab that you can make sure, by default, shows up on products assigned to specific categories. This gives you even more control over where the tabs show up.

Default Tab Layout for Products in WooCommerce

Here you can create a default tab layout by adding or removing any created tabs and placing them in the order you want. When first installed, it will have the two default tabs and pre-defined Additional Information tab.

You can also reorder these by simply dragging and dropping them here.

I also have the option to add any tabs I have created under the global tabs, as well as delete any existing tabs. Also, depending on the tab, I can customize the Title or Heading.

default tab layout

What is great about setting up a default layout is, for example, let’s say 75% of your products will use the same exact tabs. This will assign it automatically to any product created, which saves you a ton of time.

Tab Settings on Specific Product Pages in WooCommerce

The Global Tabs are very useful, but it’s likely you will have products that don’t need specific tabs, or, perhaps, their own customer tab. You can override this in your product data settings, where you will find a Tabs options. Here you can add or delete any tab, customize the Description Title and Heading and drag and drop to reorder the tabs: all for an individual product.

You can add any of your other custom global tabs here.

add tab on product

Or you can create a custom tab for just this single product.

custom tab on product

Keep Your WooCommerce Product Tabs Searchable

There may be keywords in your custom tabs that you would like to show up if a customer is searching your site. With both custom global tabs and custom tabs you can turn search off and on.

toggle search on tabs

Assign Tabs to a Category

Also on the global and custom tabs you can assign them to show up only on products in a specific category.

It’s that easy. If adding additional information using tabs will help you on that next WooCommerce site build, then go and get the WooCommerce Tabs Manager today.

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