Let WooCommerce Customers Login through Social, PayPal or Amazon

This is where it’s really a matter of preferences. You see it on other sites, and maybe your client has asked out about it. The argument can be that some people just don’t want to create yet another login. So this makes it a bit easier. And you may just have clients that ask about it for their site builds.

WooCommerce Social Login extension

With the WooCommerce Social Login extension customers will link their store account on a Woo site with one of their social media accounts for a faster and easier checkout. And that’s it.

Setting It Up

When you first install the extension, it walks you through a Wizard for easier setup. Of course you can skip this and go directly to the settings, but let’s walk through this.

The first section lets you choose where you want the social logins to be displayed.

Wizard setup step 1

In the second step you will configure the provider, or social platform. For each one they give you instructions on how to do it. You have the choice of these social platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google, Disqus, Yahoo and VK.

There are additional ones that you can also add that are not here but can be setup in the regular settings. These are LinkedIn, Amazon and PayPal. You will need to determine which one’s will be best for you customers. As you see here, I am going to connect it via Twitter.

configure platform step 2

As I mentioned previously, you could also have set it up in your WooCommerce > Settings > Social Login and, of course, you can go back here to edit or add any platforms.

general settings

One note to consider here, if you offer PayPal as a payment gateway, it might make sense to also let your customers login via PayPal.

For this example, I didn’t set up all my accounts on the demo, but as you can see here in this screenshot that I have set up using PayPal and added it to the account page.

paypal button on account page

And I can add it to checkout or as a checkout notice as you can see here.

checkout notice

Lastly, any customer who is logged in will not see this option as to avoid distraction or confusion.

On WooCommerce.com in the extensions documentation, there are instruction for each of the integrations.

So if you are looking to give customers an easier way to login in on your WooCommerce store, the Social Login extension is an easy option to install and setup.

Are You Looking at Amazon Only?

Again for ease and trust, this might be an option if your client is looking at only allowing Amazon payments as an external option for purchasing on their shops.

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