How to Link a Group of Any Type of Product by Attributes in WooCommerce

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The ability to link products together using their attributes via variations, can help with search, filtering and better archives. It also adds the benefit of giving each product variant a title, description and a unique URL.

As the plugin WooCommerce Linked Variations states in its documentation, the unique URL can really help Google index your products and offers solid long-tail SEO. In addition, you can use those URL’s to push product variants to Facebook and Google Shopping.

Think of all the ways the products can be shared with that direct link.

Creating the Linked Products

To link the products by attribute, let’s start by creating a couple of attributes. In this example I am using the iWatch and will create Band Colors and Dimensions.

For these new attributes, I will need to configure the terms. For example, in the dimensions, I will be adding 40mm and 44mm. And I will do the same thing for band colors.

Linking the Products Based on Attributes

What is handy about this plugin is it can be used with any product type in WooCommerce. For example, let’s say if we have six simple products that we want to link together. What we would do is create that product, including the dimension and band color, in the product title.

Now I go down to attributes and choose Band Colors.

Then I choose the value Pink.

After I do the same for dimensions, I end up with both attributes selected and saved.

I would do the same for the rest of the products I want to link together.

Create a Linked Variation Group

We will now go to the plugin settings to create that new linked variation. As you can see here, I typed in the products I wanted to add to this variation and toggled both the Band Colors and Dimensions. I am going to show the image and have chosen a button for the style vs. a dropdown.

The Products on Your Shop

If we view one of these products, we see the options available.

If we click on another band color and dimension, the customer is taken to that product page.

silver apple watch

The fact that they are now each displayed on your shop page gives your customers more choice vs. the normal variable options hidden on the single product page.

Another advantage to this is the way variation works on filtered search. For example, with a variable product, if I click on blue in the filtered search widget, it shows the original image, which is not the blue one.

But with If the filtered search for the band colors activated, when I click on silver, I actually see the Apple watch with the silver band.

Setting up variable products on WooCommerce is perfect for those products with attributes. To take it a step further, you can get very creative with this based on several different attributes on products or even services. You can check out the WooCommerce Linked Variations plugin here.

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