How to Limit Product Quantities and Total Purchased with WooCommerce

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In WooCommerce, you can toggle the choose quantity option off and on. But what about those times when you need to limit the quantity, either the minimum or the maximum. Or you might want to set a minimum or maximum order value. There is an easy way to do this.

The Min/Max Extension for WooCommerce

The interesting thing about building a WooCommerce online store is this: Depending on what your client sells, there are always so many variables and there is not one way that everything should be done. In this instance, there are times when there might be a product that, for whatever reason, you need to either limit the total any one customer can purchase or, perhaps, the minimum or maximum that they can purchase. This also works for minimum or maximum totals on the orders as well.

This may be the case if selling a lot in bulks or even in groups of products via category. Or perhaps you want to limit something based on a sale at any given time.

The Min/Max Quantities extension is very easy to set up for your store.

The Global Option for Your Online Store

Once you have installed the extension, you will find the option for the global settings under Settings > Products > General. This is good to use if you want all the products to use the same minimum and/or maximum or if quite a few of your products are using it. The latter is workable as you can toggle off the restriction on any specific product.

Options for Specific Products

If we look at our general settings in our products, you will see that you get the options to:

  1. Set a minimum or maximum quantity for a specific product.
  2. Enter a quantity to allow for the products to be purchased in groups of a certain number.
  3. Exclude this product from any global settings you have.
  4. Exclude the products from the global settings if it is the only product in the cart.
  5. Exclude the product from any category group quantity rule.

Minimum and Maximum Quantities on Variations

With a variable product, you will have essentially the same options, but there is one added called Allow Combination, which allows any number of variations to meet the rules of your limits set.

You can also set this per variation by checking the Min/Max box.

Groups and Category Rules

You can also control this in groups by using categories. In your category settings, you will find the option to set a quantity. What this will do is require the customer to buy the products in this specific category, based on the number in the group.

This is a great solution if you are giving a deal of accessories and require the customer to buy a minimum number of added accessories in order to get the discount.

What Your Customer Will See

If you have this set on a product, the minimum number will show in the quantity options and cannot be set any lower. In this example I have it set for minimum of two.

But I have set a maximum of 20 so they can go higher.

In the case of value of the cart, if I have it set for a minimum of $50, this is what they will see:

As you can see, this is an easy and effective way of controlling both the minimum and maximum quantities of product purchases, as well as the total cart checkout value. You can get the Min/Max Quantity Extension here.

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