Let’s All Welcome Anna Maria Radu to the Do the Woo Podcast Team

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If one thing I have learned over the years of podcasting is that the best shows were with co-hosts. There is so much more that comes out of a conversation and they bring their own observations and perspectives to each show. With four co-hosts currently in place, well, it was time to mix it up again. No, no one was replaced. In fact, Brad Williams, the original co-host, gave up one of his two spots to bring on anther voice.

Meet Anna Maria – Co-host of Woo Perspectives

There always seems to be a story behind a new co-host. Well, this time is no different.

A little over a month ago one of my co-hosts couldn’t make it at the last minute. Typically, in that situation, I find another one to fill in. This time that didn’t happen and since I really prefer to have a co-host, Jonathan Wold suggested Anna. Well, my gut said to go for it, and we did. She came in with very little prep and the show was as smooth as silk. At the time I had been pondering the idea of bringing in a new co-host. And obviously synchronicity came into play and one thing led to another. Next Thursday will be her first show as a new co-host.

Being Curious is Anna’s Nature

One of the things that makes a great co-host is curiosity. And when Anna and I did that first show, I knew it was one of her strongpoints. In a nutshell this is why Anna is joining us.

Anna Maria is the founder of DigiTales, an agency focused on launching and growing tech brands. Anna Maria has been working with builders for the past 7 years. She believes in the power of community and focuses her efforts on initiatives that support builders and grow the WordPress and WooCommerce ecosystems.

I think that sums it up well. If you want to dive more into who Anna is, check out her LinkedIn profile.

But more so than that, listen in on the third Tuesday and you will get know know Anna even more.

Welcome to Do the Woo, Anna Maria Radu.

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