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Leave at Door, A/B Testing, Phone and Email Links, Stock Dependencies, Zoom Integration and Remove Billing Addres

A snapshot of some new products and services in the Woo ecosystem.

Leave at the Door For WooCommerce

This free plugin adds an option for the customer on the checkout page to request that local deliveries be left at the door. It also includes an option to add a note.

A/B Testing for WooCommerce

Use A/B Testing for WooCommerce to seamlessly run server-side A/B Tests. The extension supports product price tests and shipping price tests, and integrates with Google Optimize for easy tracking and analysis.

Phone and Email Links for WooCommerce Orders

This new, free plugin on WordPress.org adds the customers phone and email link to the orders page.

Stock Dependencies for WooCommerce

Another new plugin on WordPress.org, this one allows customers to select and purchase products dependent on the inventory of other products. Great for variations.

FooEvents Adds Zoom Integration

FooEvents, a popular ticketing extension for WooCommerce, has added integration with Zoom which is very timely because it allows you to sell tickets and manage virtual events easily.

Remove WooCommerce Billing Address Fields for Free Checkout Plugin

This free plugin removes the billing address fields when total due at checkout is $0. Helps speeds up the checkout process for free/no cost virtual and downloadable products.

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