Learn How to Add the PayPal Pay in 4 to a WooCommerce Shop

Let’s face it. PayPal is one of the most popular ways for people worldwide to purchase online. For many, it’s their default option and it just makes life easier, whether they are using their PayPal balance or another debit or credit card. It’s trusted.

Give Customers More Buying Power with Buy Now, Pay Later

These are interesting times. Not only are more people buying online, but many are looking for flexible payment options at ways to fund those purchases. It allows customers add to their cart items they need now.

Pay in 4 is simple. Your customers can split their purchase into 4 payments, with the down payment due at the time of transaction and 3 subsequent payments made every 2 weeks thereafter. But what is really cool is that:

  • Customers will pay no fees or interest.
  • The store owner (your client) you will pay no fees and take no risks.
  • Clients will get your full payment from PayPal as soon as the transaction is complete.

Purchase totals that qualify for Pay in 4 are $30 – $600. (A PayPal Business Account to use Pay in 4 is required.)

The PayPal Checkout Extension

The free extension on the WooCommerce marketplace is all you need to get you started. This extension will also:

  • Give customers the PayPal Credit option
  • Allow you to create a self-hosted checkout page on your site so customers don’t have to leave and go to PayPal.

Once you have installed the extension, if you were using the built-in PayPal option in WooCommerce, simply toggle off the baked-in one and toggle on the PayPal Checkout. Once you do this, setup to connect is very straightforward since you already were connected to PayPal.

toggle PayPal Checkout extension on

Setting Up the Extension

You will find all the settings on a single page starting with activating the checkout and choosing whether you are creating a sandbox or going live.

Next you will find the PayPal-hosted Checkout settings. The checkout will now be on your clients site vs. sending them over to PayPal. So you have the chance to add your name, logo and a header image, button settings and few other options.

Then you toggle the PayPal Credit options off or on, and continue the setup here.

Once you have it all set up, you will see this on the checkout page.

Let’s zoom in a bit so you can see the option for Pay in 4.

PayPal Checkout Buy Now, Pay Later and Subscriptions

Keep in mind that If there are subscriptions on the site, it will only work with subscriptions that are renewed manually. If they are set up for auto-recurring, the site owners will need to wait for a future version of this extension that is compatible.

Now you are ready to add more buying power to your clients store. Just head over to WooCommerce.com and get the free extension. Or you can learn more about the details on PayPal.com.

And lastly, as a bonus, if you are into podcasts, listen to my Do the Woo where we had the chance to chat with Greg Lisiewski from PayPal about the Buy Now, Pay Later option as well as the bigger picture of how this is playing out in the eCommerce world.

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