WooCommerce Snippets Are Not Just Solutions, They Help You Learn

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Snippets are priceless. Whether you create them or use them. But as a developer, snippets can help you to level up your WooCommerce coding.

A Snippet is Always the Starting Point

Usually a snippet will give you a quick fix or a quick customization, move that element on the single product page from the top to the bottom. But if you do that for a given product, or only for a given category, at that stage, you start learning conditional logic and that would be the next step of your learning experience. Next might be creating that function that takes you to the next stage where you start learning a little bit of JavaScript.

So a snippet is always the starting point, or at least it’s the answer to the question, is this possible in WooCommerce?

Snippet vs. Plugin

Often with a snippet you may feel confident that you can achieve that without a plugin. But that doesn’t mean plugins are bad, as there are a lot of great ones out there. In most cases, four lines of code are better than a plugin. On the other hand, sometimes they’re not because plugin might be complex enough to handle payments, to manage shipping, to do something more complicated. In that case using snippets or custom code is almost never a great idea because it’s an ecommerce site and money comes first. If with a snippet you do something wrong and payments cannot be taken and a shipping doesn’t work then there is a lot of issues, especially with your client.

Opening Your Mind for Learning

Now snippets may be complex but at the same stage they open the developer’s mind because you are given the confidence to say, “Oh, this can actually be done in WooCommerce so let’s try it,” of course, if your client has it in their budget. Whereas a $79 plugin might be the solution. It really is about making sure whatever direction you go that it is a perfect fit to your project specifications.

There are many things and many ways to learn when it comes to WooCommerce, for both yourself and your clients. The important thing is to just keep on learning with the options out there that inspires and helps you grow.

This was taken from a podcast with Rodolfo Melogli, the master of Woo snippets. There is a ton of great advice as well as his story in the podcast.

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