How To Use WooCommerce for Customized Follow-ups to Donors

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Many managers of nonprofits are running their operations on a shoestring when it comes to both time and money. But one of the most critical pieces when it comes to receiving that online donation is a well thought out and strategic follow-up.

Whether it’s as simple as a personalized thank you, a free gift for donating or a redirect that tells them a special story about what their donation will do, they likely want this automated rather than using a staff member’s precious time to manually follow up.

If you are building a nonprofit site using WooCommerce, take advantage of extending the fundraising piece.

The WooCommerce Follow-Up Extension

If you are using WooCommerce for your donations, or even for your online shop, this is where Follow-Up Extension comes in.

Conditional Logic. Not rocket science, yet very powerful.

I have talked about conditional logic before. In a nutshell it is:

If you do this, then this will happen.

Follow-up types

The variety of email types you get will depend on the extensions you add. But typically, it involves a specific email function  and whatever your customer does as she moves through the purchase process.


The triggers control is the what will happen. These vary based on the follow-up type. For example, here is the triggers for Purchase Email. You can assume this would be what you would use when someone makes a donation.

We can add additional rules based on the trigger.

How to use it for donations

As you know, an extension gives you a lot of creative control over the thank-you emails that are sent to donors. It’s a perfect opportunity to follow-up  and leave them on a positive note.

Consider this. Let’s say your clients nonprofit is a no-kill animal shelter. And you have options for people to donate money toward food or medical costs.

Whenever someone donates for food, the email they get tells a short story about one of your dogs or cats that was starving, and now is well fed and, naturally, you share a photo of this thriving animal.

If someone donates for medical costs, they might share a story of how a cat received life-saving surgery and is now happy in its new home.

In both cases they have given your donor a story of what these donations mean to their cats and dogs—in concrete terms.

As you can see, the options are endless and it’s easy to get creative as you continue to build those relationships with your donors.

Obviously, there is a lot more to this extension than what I have shows you in the short post, so you can check out our other post to see the full overview. Or check it out at WooCommerce.

And if you are just deciding to use WooCommerce for a site, check out this post on the Name Your Price extension that is perfect for donations.

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