How to Show the Amount Customers Save on a Sale Price in WooCommerce

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By default when you have a product on sale in WooCommerce, depending on the theme, it might show the original price, the sale price and possibly a smaller sales banner. But have you ever wanted to add the amount saved? Just seeing that amount, especially on deeper discounts, can make a difference.

The Sale Flash Pro Extension for WooCommerce

Going back to what I often say about the extensions I write about, this one does one single thing and makes it easy.

As with many extensions, you can set it globally or on single products, the latter overriding the global settings.

The Global Settings

If you open the WooCommerce > General Settings, you will see the options at the bottom of that page. What is displayed can be either the amount or the percentage. If you choose default, it will be what you have it set as globally.

You can also choose to show the original price or not.

You can use this on variable products (only on archive pages). If your variable items are discounted at different percentages or amounts, it will show the best or where the most savings come from.

global settings

Product Settings

As mentioned, you will also find the settings for single products, which can override the global settings if you have those set. And if you are using the global settings, you can toggle off the display on specific products.

product settings

For example, here you see it displaying for both percentage and amount.

percentage and amount display

Display is Determined by Your Theme

How this will look on your WooCommerce site will depend on your theme as it will use the themes style.

Here is an example of what it looks like on the shop page with the StoreFront, Twenty Twenty, Galleria Storefront child theme and Astra. This is the display right out of the box with no custom changes within the customizer and no using code.

shop page samples

And on the product page.

product page samples

If you are looking for a simple way to display price savings on product sales, the Sale Flash Pro extension might be just what you are looking for.

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