How to Offer Gift Wrapping on a WooCommerce Shop

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Remember standing at those tables in department stores to get something gift wrapped?

Or how many times when you opened a package delivered to you, the anticipation bumped up a notch or two when you discovered what was inside was gift-wrapped?

In any case, if it makes sense for your client to offer gift wrapping, you may want to make the suggestion.

The Gift Wrapper for WooCommerce Extension

This extension gives your customers the flexibility of choosing to have individual products gift-wrapped or their entire order.

It also works with both simple and variable products.

The General Settings

As you can see here, you can toggle the single vs. entire order wrapping on or off here. The gift wrapping will become a product where you can set your price and you can have it create a new product for you— or you can use an existing one.

You also have the option to add the entire order gift wrapping on either the cart or checkout page, or both.

You can also choose what products you want to offer gift wrapping for as it’s likely that in some cases, it wouldn’t work. Lastly, you can let the customer add a message while limiting the character count.

general settings

You can also change the labels (localization) as well.

Adding Designs

Next you will add the design, including the name, the image for the gift wrapping and price. You can drag-and-drop these into any order you want them to appear.

gift wrapping designs

The Option on Product Pages and Carts

If we were to look at a product page, you now see where customers can choose to include gift wrapping.

And if added, you will see it on the cart page.

gift wrap details on cart page

Now if I don’t add it to the order at the product level, and they either go with a single product or add more, in the cart there is the option to gift wrap the entire order.

gift wrap this order

If I click on that, a window will pop up to choose and fill in the message.

order gift wrap details

That’s it. So if you building sites and have clients who are asking about adding this kind of feature, check out the Gift Wrapper for WooCommerce extension.

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