How to Migrate WooCommerce Customers to a New Store

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Migrating content from one WooCommerce site to another is a critical piece that you don’t want to go sideways. And the easier the better. This includes migrating customers.

How to Export WooCommerce Customers with WP All Import

With this plugin, you will use the add-on specifically for WooCommerce. First, we choose what specific post type we want to export. Several post types for WooCommerce are available, but I am choosing customers for this specific task. Once I do this, you will see that my 14 customers will be exported.

choose wooCommerce customers to export

We have a couple of options here. First, we can filter what is exported.

add filtering options

And we can customize the export file as well. You can see that I expanded the standard data that is available.

customize export

But since the settings will be filled in for me, I am going to go back and click on the Migrate Customers button.

There are two options I will find before the actual export. You can schedule it to automatically update. And optionally, there are Advanced Options which include Bundle URL, which you can use it you want to automatically sync customers from one shop to another.

scheduling and advanced options

In this example, I am not scheduling and will simply run my export. This is what it looks like once completed. There are other options here, including the ability to send your exports to external apps with Zapier.

customer export complete

For the easiest option, I am simply going to download the Bundle.

Importing Your WooCommerce Customers to a New Site

As you can see, on my other site I have only one user.

old site with one user

Now I am going to run my import. I choose a new import and will simply upload my bundle.

select upload file

After selecting the file and uploading, I get this screen. Since all the import settings and fields will be set for me, I am going to skip to step 4.

upload step 1

There are a few options, including viewing each imported record. The one option I would like to point out is the ability to toggle the Block email notifications during import which you will likely want to do.

last step of import

You will get last confirmation page before the final import.

Once I confirm and run import, I get notified that the import is complete.

import complete

And if I check my users, I will now find that all have been imported successfully. (You may note that I imported 14, but two were administrators that had ordered on the site, so essentially they are customers as well.)

That’s it. Just a few steps, a little time and you are good to go. So if you are looking for a way to migrate your WooCommerce customers to a new store, you should check out WP All Import.

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