How to Make Products Available During Fixed Time Slots with WooCommerce

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There are times when a client will need to sell a product or a service during a specific time period. It could be a matter of a few hours or days. Often this is used to create urgency, and can be an added selling point to generate sales. And although you can set it up as a builder, it needs to be something easy enough that they can do it themselves once you finish the project.

The Product Availability Slots Extension.

The Product Availability Slot extension is versatile and not only allows you control over the slots, but set multiple ones as well. With a countdown timer and added restrictions, you can make sure products are available during specific times.

This extension works for both Simple Products and Variable Products. For this post, we will show you the options for Simple Products.

Settings and Customized Messages

The general settings are straight forward and give you the options to toggle the countdown timer on both the shop page and the product page and set it globally. Time increments and buffers can also be set.

product availability slots settings

You are also able to customize the messages.

Setting Up Availability

In the tab on your product, you can enable it. You have the option for unlimited or limited days, the latter giving options to choose dates via a date picker.

settings in simple products

Then you simply choose the days and times you want. As you can see, this is in 15-minute increments as I left it on the default. You can also limit the stock number for each slot.

add availability slot

And I can add as many slots as I want on any specific day.

add multiple slots

The Countdown Timers on the Product Page and Shop Page

If we look at one of my products, we will the timer and the message display. As I showed you before, you could opt in to just show the message.

product with countdown timer

And here you see how it is displayed on the shop page. If the timer was toggled off, you would simply get the line of text that shows how long it is available.

countdown timer on shop page

Here is what it looks like if it’s set to be available soon.

upcoming availability

It’s that simple. I will admit I do like the style of the the timer as opposed to other ones I have found for WooCommerce. It’s simple and nicely formatted.

So if you need an easy way to limit availability for your products, I suggest checking out the Product Availability Slots of WooCommerce extension.

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