How to Integrate Dropshipping into a WooCommerce Online Store

Many online retailers use dropshipping, the fulfillment model that allows you to buy products individually from a wholesaler and ship them directly to your customer. There is an advantage for some clients in not having to purchase and manage a large inventory.

WooCommerce Dropshipping Extension

This tool integrates the process easily by sending automated order notification emails to wholesale dropshippers when an order is placed on your WooCommerce site. It’s a pretty simple extension.

Adding a Supplier

Under products, you will find an option for supplier. Here is where you can add the suppliers.

add new dropship supplier

Assign a Product to a Dropshipper

Assigning a product to a specific dropshipper is easy. Just create or open the products settings and on the right side you will find the option to choose the supplier.

choose a supplier for a product

The Supplier Inventory

You will also be able to import the inventory with suppliers who have a CSV of their inventory. You can go to your list of suppliers, click on Inventory CSV and then import the CSV provided from your supplier.

import supplier inventory

There are options on how the CSV is processed in WooCommerce. These can be set per supplier. By clicking on the edit of a supplier, you first see the basic settings you used to set up the supplier.

edit dropshipping supplier

You will also get your CVS Import Settings here. You have a choice of two methods for how the CVS files are configured. There is a slight difference in the settings for each.

The Quantity on Hand is used if the format your supplier has sent you includes the stock they have in inventory.

Supplier Inventory CSV Import Settings

The other option is Indicator. Your supplier may, through their CSV, choose to just tell you whether it’s in stock or not, rather than list a quantity. For example it may be in either of these formats: Y/N or 1/0.

Supplier Inventory CSV Import Settings indicator

Packing Slips and Email Notifications

Here you see what content you can use to customize the packing slip. There are a couple of options as far as customizing it for all of your suppliers vs. for specific suppliers. This involves some backend work in duplicating a file of this plugin and adding a bit of code, but they have details on how to do it in their documentation.

The Email Notifications are used to send the supplier a notification to ship the product when the order is processing. Here is the email order note.

email notifications

Here is the information you will put in for the generated packing slip for your supplier.

packing slip

Here is where you will control the labels on the packing slip. There are some guidelines to follow, so read through this and test it as well.

Packing Slip Language Conversion

You can also add any additional comments to the packing slip.

Any additional comment to be displayed

This allows you to add an inventory pad that is used as a way to notify suppliers and avoid any out of stock statuses.

Inventory Stock Status Update

If you wold like to send the supplier a CSV file to be included in the email, you can toggle that on here.

Send CSV in E-mail

If you want to add the order information as a PDF that goes to your supplies, and they can use as a packing slip, you can optionally turn that on and choose what information you want included.

Send your full order information as a pdf

If you have issues with this email going out you may want to toggle this on as a possible solution. And if you want to have them come from a specific name and email, you can add that as well.

smtp option and emailer sender name and address

Lastly, in this section, if you are using AliExpress, there is now a chrome extension that you can import products into the store. You will just need to click this button on this page and follow the instructions.

generate aliexpress key

Bulk Assign Products to Suppliers

It’s very easy to do this. Just choose the Supplier from your dropdown, select all the products and apply.

Bulk Assign Products to Suppliers

So that’s it. The beauty of WooCommerce is the chance to integrate most options you can think of with online selling through an extension. But if you have client projects and they are thinking about using WooCommerce with dropshipping, or are currently using WooCommerce, the WooCommerce Dropshipping extension is certainly an option to look at.

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