How To Set and Use Featured Products in WooCommerce

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Featured products allows you to showcase specific products in different parts of a WooCommerce store. You can control them by toggling them on and off. Add them to the sidebar. Insert a block into a post or page. And that doesn’t even include extensions, plugins and themes that utilize the featured product.

To make a product a featured product there are a couple of ways you can do this.

First, on the product page itself, you can assign any individual product as a featured product.

set featured product on publish box

Also, on your product listing, any product you have in your store can be marked as a featured product as you will see by the stars on the far right column.

featured image notations on product list via star

All you have to do is go to your product list and click on the star. A couple of dots will show to the left of it while saving. You can also toggle it off the same way.

saving featured image

And lastly if you roll over it, although it obviously is marked as a featured image, it will show it with a comment box of yes or no.

One of the uses you might find this for is if you wanted to show some specific products in a widget in your sidebar or footer. You can use the WooCommerce Product Widget and easily select Featured Products as an option and how many you would want to show plus some other options.

show featured image in products widget

On the other hand, you may want to feature a product in a post or page using a block.

choose featured products block

The Featured Product Block doesn’t require that you use only featured products, but lets you choose from all of your products.

choose product to feature

After selecting your featured product, you will have some options as far as what you want to show, controlling the layover for your text reads well over the product image and the ability to adjust the focal point of the image accordingly. This latter option is very important with a lot of images and how they will be displayed.

Note that the text under the product title is pulled in from your product short description. You can hide it, but you cannot edit it here.

In turn, you can also edit the call to action buttons color, text, fill, outline, border settings and link settings.

How Themes Display the Featured Product

The featured product can be used in several ways depending on some themes. For example, in the Storefront theme, the homepage template automatically pulls in your featured products. Other themes that are built for WooCommerce and even page builders will take advantage this feature.

How to Get Your Featured Product to Display at the Top of the Page

The ability to mark a product as a Featured Product in WooCommerce allows you to filter them out on shop and archive pages. And many themes and extensions will also take advantage of the featured image.

But in order to have featured images take priority over other images on archive pages, that’s another matter. You may prefer to do this via code, but if not, here is a plugin that will do just that.

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