How To Easily Create Add-ons for WooCommerce Products

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The Product Add Ons is one of the most popular extensions on the WooCommerce marketplace. It is a highly flexible and useful extension for any Woo builder.

Setting Up Your Add-ons

You can create add-ons that can be used for all your products, or specific categories of products. This will be found under Products > Add-ons. You can also give it priority. You can assign several add-ons to certain products and give them a priority for when they should appear. That might be good for testing different combinations.

create add ons

Here is where you set it up per product and we will dive in a little deeper, showing your the add-on options.

You will see that besides creating the add-on for a specific product, you an exclude it from other add-ons that might apply to the product.

Now let’s show you the options for an add-on. Remember these settings apply to the previous add-ons I showed you for creating them for all of your products or by category. You will also note that you can add a variety of add-ons to a single product as well.

With each Type of add-on you choose, there will be different options that you will have. Let me show you each one.

Multiple Choice – Obviously this could be used for several types of add-on and gives you three formats for choices including images. As with any multiple choice, then is when you want them to only be able to choose one of the offered options.

Checkboxes – This works when you want to list several add-ons that the customer can choose one, a few or all of them.

Short Text – A way to let your customers add comments or messages. You can also adjust the price and limit character length. One example might be messages for a gift card that is included.

Note that the Long Text will have the same options as the short text, but the field box will be larger.

File Upload – This simply will add an option for anyone to upload a file and the file will end up in your media library. This could be anything from a photo to upload that is going to be printed on a coffee mug that you sell from a spec sheet or other documents if you are selling web design packages.

Customer Defined Price – This is a great option if you want to have someone put in their own price that they are willing to pay. You are going to need to think this one through, in order for it to work for you. One example might be if you are offering something on sale and to get the deal, people will donate to a cause you are supporting. You could start it as a minimum and/or maximum charge and make it required so that people will get the sale price.

Quantity – This option allows you to add on a price based on quantity. This could be used in several cases where you need to add an additional fee.

Heading – This one is straight-forward and would likely be used in conjunction with another add-on field.

Pricing options – in any of these add ons, if you have the option for Adjust Price, you will have these three choices.

Creating Add-ons

There are obviously tons of ways that you can use this extension for product and services that you sell with WooCommerce. But let me share three examples.

Adding Accessories

There are ways you can cross-sell products with WooCommerce, but you might want to have them listed more prominently, especially if they are accessories that would help the customer when using the product. In this example, I am adding three accessories with this mic, but also giving them a flat rate sale price. To do this I have set up a heading, and checkbox options.

add mic options

If we look at the product, and check off each add-on, the total is reflected and they are added to the cart.

mic with options of add ons

Multiple Add-ons

In the last example, we did this by adding the header, but let’s take that a bit further. We’ll say you are selling metal engraved signs. And you need to do three things:

  1. Give a choice of sizes
  2. Options for font style
  3. Customer provided content for engraving

As you will see, in setting it up I have only added extra costs for the sizes. I also added images for the font style to choose from.

You will also note that each add on can be moved for order change simply by dragging and dropping.

And this is what it looks like on the product page.

metal sign addons

Options for Services

Although this is using similar add-on options, this plugin could be extremely useful in selling services. For example, web site design with optional packages as well as uploading any needed documents.

set up for services add ons

And what we will see on the product page.

services with add ons

There are all kinds of ways to benefit from this extension. Get the Product Add-ons extension.

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