How to Set Payment and Shipping Restrictions at Checkout in WooCommerce

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Most times when using WooCommerce,  there are plenty of options around shipping and payment,. But eventually, as you build more and more sites, you may hit a bump in the road. The Conditional Shipping and Payment extension allows you to have more flexibility at checkout, and this includes your payment gateways,  shipping methods and country and state shipping.

Creating Your Restrictions for Shipping and Payment in WooCommerce

Using conditional logic, you will be setting up what they call restrictions. You can create and edit them in your WooCommerce settings here.

woocommerce conditional shipping payments

You can create and edit them on single product pages.

single product pages settings

Payment Gateway Restrictions

All restrictions are very similar, but also specific to payment and shipping options. You will add some info and choose which gateways to exclude. You have the option to show those at checkout, even though a message you will add will explain the restriction. Why would you want to do this? Well, you may want the customers to know all accepted payment gateways even though their availability us restricted under certain conditions.

For example, if a product was not available for purchase through PayPal— and it was only for orders less than $10, you would want to remove PayPal as an option. This would give the customer the idea that PayPal was not an option storewide.

So if we did that, the setup might look like this.

orders under $10 no PayPal

Now under the conditions, here are your options. As you can see, from a single condition to multiple conditions, you have quite a bit control over the payment gateways that you offer.

condition optons

Shipping Method Restrictions

Somewhat similar, but with specific shipping rate IDs, this maximizes your control and flexibility. Although I don’t have it set up, this would be a perfect way to exclude a shipping zone when trying to ship to another zone. Or perhaps there are states in the US where you offering free shipping for orders under a certain amount but there are a few that you want to exclude.

free shipping excluded in certain states

The options you have to create a restriction based on multiple conditions are the same as the payment gateways.

Shipping Countries and States

While still on the subject of shipping, there may be an item or two that you just cannot ship to a few countries. You can even limit it to states and regions in a country, if you wish. There could be numerous reasons you would need to do this, but if for this product, we could not ship it to China or Russia, well, it’s this simple:

shipping to countries or not

And because of the options already in the settings and only needed here, there are a few for this feature.

conditions for country state

Another use for this last option would be the ability to create restrictions based on custom import regulations, especially if you are selling worldwide.

As many extensions that I have shared on this site, this one is simple, yet powerful. That is the benefit of being able to create conditions for your products in a WooCommerce store. So if you have some specific payment or shipping needs to apply to the cart, with the ability of adding a friendly message that explains the restriction, I would check out the Conditional Shipping and Payment extension.

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