How to Create Invoices and Packing Lists for WooCommerce Orders

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Has your clients asked you about invoices and packing lists when it comes to their sites?

Here is an option to help you help them to streamline their process.

The WooCommerce Print Invoices & Packing Lists Extension

This extension gives you both of these solutions in one package.

General Setting / Customizing the Template

Under the General Settings, you have the option to customize the template using the visual editor as well as getting a link to the emails associated with invoices and packing.

general settings

Once you click on the template customization, the visual editor will open with a sample invoice and options to customize it.

There are several elements you can customize.

Company Information

Aside from adding your logo, you can also add a bit of additional content below it, including your shop address. Also, the option to add the VAT number is great for those who live where this is required.

company information


You are able to adjust both the size of the body and heading font.



Options for link color, headings color, table head background color and the table head color.



Here is where you can add some additional content. Especially helpful is the area to use for return policies, etc. You can also add additional information in the footer. This could be an extra deal you offer to customers. Note that the custom area (policies, etc) can be displayed as fine print.



If you want to add some CSS to the form for further customization, you can do that here.

advanced CSS

Invoice Settings

There are several options for choosing what to display (or not) with your invoice appearance. These include default information that would normally be displayed as opposed to any custom content you have added.

invoice appearance settings

You can use the invoice number generation options to include either a prefix or a suffix with several tags to the invoice number.

invoice number generation

Packing List Settings

You will also be able to control some of the information that is included on the packing list. Most of these options are the content that you were able to add yourself, which since this will be mostly used internally, is not necessary. And the option to exclude any virtual products will help avoid confusion in the fulfillment process.

packing list appearance

Pick List

Here you can configure the items grouped by order or by category. And an extended option to show optional fields.

pick list


As mentioned before, there will be emails associated with the options.

Order Actions

If we go into our orders, you will see that you have several choices now under your Order actions as far as the invoices and packing lists.

I have chosen to send the invoice via email, and this is what lands in my inbox.

invoice emailed

If I were to email, or print the packing list, here is what that looks like.

packing list

Customer Account Invoice Access

Now the customer can access their invoice under orders in their account.

invoices under orders in account

If they click on it, they get a full page with the option to print. This will save you a lot of time the next time a customer wants a copy of the invoice.

You can check out the WooCommerce Print Invoices & Packing Lists extension here.

Generating Purchase Orders

Another option you may have been seeking out is the ability to generate PO’s for the site you are working on. Here is an extension that will do just that.

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